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Marble Crystallizing

We strongly recommend that a JAD representative demonstrates this process the first time, to ensure proper procedure.

1. Always use protective equipment before starting a floor maintenance project.

2. Protect and cover any non-marble/stone surfaces. Marble Crystallizer will etch and damage any non-marble/stone surfaces such as carpet, wood, metal, painted surfaces, etc.

3. Dust mop entire area.

4. Wet mop entire area with Neutral Cleaner and water mixed at proper dilute rate of 1-2 ounces per gallon of water.

5. Allow floor to dry completely.

6. Spray Marble Crystallizer with three trigger sprays in a 1' x 1' area.

7. With a low speed buffing machine and a #0 Steel Wool Pad, work the Crystallizer over a 3' x 3' area. It is important that you do not attempt to work an area bigger than 3' x 3'. You must stay in that small area for the chemical to react.

8. Buff the 3' x 3' area until all of the Crystallizer is worked in and floor is dry. You should start to see a wet-look reaction.

9. Repeat up to four times if necessary to achieve the desired look in the 3' x 3' area. then move to adjacent 3' x 3' area and repeat the same steps.

10. After crystllazing is complete, you must mop the floor again with the Neutral Cleaner and water mixture at the proper dilution rate. If you do not do so, the floor may have a hazy or cloudy appearance.

11. To maintain the shine, dust mop two to three times per day, and mop with water and neutral cleaner at least once per day.

12. In the winter season, use Building Pro White Away rinse.

*Never mop with bleach, ammonia, or heavy degreasers. These products will slowly fade the shine on finished floors.

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