Stripping/Waxing VCT

We strongly recommend that a JAD representative demonstrates this process the first time, to ensure proper procedure.

Click here to see a brief video demonstration!

1. Dust mop the floor.

2. Tape off doorways and edges. Put out wet floor signs. Wear protective equipment.

3. Mix stripper properly using cool water. Spray baseboards and edges with baseboard stripper. Scrape finish from edges of floor (if needed).

4. Flood-mop on stripper. Let dwell for 5-10 minutes.

5. Utilizing a clean black pad on your floor machine, scrub the floor back and forth. Walk where you scrub. Flip or change pad when clogged.

6. Utilize a wet vacuum for pick up.

7. Damp mop rinse with clean water and a clean mop. Change mop water when dirty.

8. Apply floor finish ONLY when floor is dry. Once floor is dry, utilize a clean finish mop and a mop finishing bucket system. Line bucket if applicable.

9. Place mop in finish. Wring out the bottom half of the mop.

10. Apply finish in sections, ensuring even coverage. Flip mop to get more finish.

11. 10 minutes after completion, place floor fans to expedite the drying process.

12. Recoat ONLY when floor is dry to the touch.

13. Utilize burnishing cream and a natural fiber pad periodically to maintain the shine.

14. To maintain the shine, dust mop two to three times per day, and mop with water and neutral cleaner at least once per day.

15. In the winter season, use Building Pro White Away rinse.

*Never mop with bleach, ammonia, or heavy degreasers. These products will slowly fade the shine on finished floors.

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